Shaheed Sangat Sana Baloch


Enforced disappearance is illegal, torture is cruel, custodial killing is unlawful and genocide has been declared a crime against humanity by the international community and the civilized world. Though the Baloch nation suffers all these gross human rights violations under occupation of Pakistan and Iran, but still the international community sits idle.

Today we narrate the life of Sana; we shall tell you how he lived and why he was killed.

Born on 10 October 1979 in Mustang in the middle class family of Haji Jan Mohammad, he was politically conscious and socially very active. Completing his matriculation from Khuzdar and Bachelors from Quetta he enrolled in Balochistan University for his Masters in Political Science. During college life he joined Baloch Students Organization (BSO), and actively sought change and betterment not only for the Baloch students but in the society where he lived. His activism, commitment and leadership qualities created love for him in rank and file of BSO and he was the Vice Chairperson of BSO-Azad when he ended his academic career.

When Cyclone Yemyin hit the coastal belt of Balochistan in June 2007, BSO-Azad organized a mass relief operation which was headed by Sangat Sana Baloch. He went from pillar to post, day and night without any rest to collect donations and relief goods for distribution to needy people in affected areas.

After completing his education he joined Baloch Republican Party (BRP), a Baloch political party that champions the struggle for liberation of Balochistan. He devoted his life to organizing BRP at grass root level in rural and urban areas of Balochistan to further the movement for liberation of his motherland.

On 7 December 2009, while traveling from Mastung towards Sibi he was abducted by Pakistani notorious intelligence agency Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) from Kolpure area of District Bolan. After his enforced disappearance his family joined the struggle of other thousands of Baloch missing persons families for the save recovery of their loved ones under the banner of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP).

He was intelligent, joyful and energetic. When he spoke people listened, when he moved he motivated the society around him.  He stood for what he believed in and never compromised on principles. He was becoming the symbol of Baloch resistance to occupation of Balochistan, filling the vacuum created by killing and abduction of Baloch political leadership by Pakistan.

After his abduction his father talking to BBC said that “I visited every place, went before Supreme Court of Pakistan and High Court of Balochistan, besides that sought help from the commission which was set up for the recovery of missing persons and also attended four hearings before the Deputy Commissioner Dhadar but all this brought no result”. He said “On a face to face meeting with the Deputy Commissioner, a colonel said they (The Missing Baloch) receive training in Afghanistan, commit crimes here and again return back to Afghanistan and they are not in our custody”.

The truth was far from what the Pakistani army colonel told the commissioner, Sana’s sister Zarina Baloch told the media, four Baloch who were with Sana Sangat in custody of Pakistani forces got released and Sana gave them her and his brother’s contact numbers. They contacted and met us and told that Sana is alive. “WE THOUGHT SANA WILL ALSO COME ONE DAY”.

But Sangat Sana Baloch did not come home, the political scenario of Balochistan changed rapidly. As the Pakistani state suppression of the Baloch resistance movement increased the Baloch activist took on the social media to make their voice heard by the international community. Baloch diaspora was also in the process of organizing itself at this juncture.

The breakthrough for the Baloch came on 8 February 2012, in the shape of US congressional hearing on Balochistan. Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, chair the US congressional hearing convened by the House Committee on Foreign Affairs. The witness panel that testified before the committee were, C. Christine Fair, Mr. Ralph Peters, Mr. T. Kumar, Mr. M. Hossein Bor and Mr. Ali Dayan Hasan. The media speculated that powerful House of Representatives committee which oversees America’s foreign assistance programs will recommend halting US assistance to Pakistan over human rights violation in Balochistan.

Just 5 days later Pakistan replied bluntly to Congressman Dana Rohrabacher and the US House Committee on Foreign Affairs on 13 February by dumping the body Sangat Sana Baloch, the most recognized political face of Baloch resistance under their custody, at Murghaap.

Sangat Sana was severely tortured; the torture on his body expressed the anger of Pakistan towards the Baloch and the 28 bullet wounds in and around his heart which they failed to subdue were also a message to Congressman Dana Rohrabacher that the more you raise your voice for the Baloch, the more bodies Baloch mothers will receive of their sons.

This is how the life of a talented young Baloch activist ended at a young age of 33; Sangat Sana Baloch was third among his five brothers and was unmarried. He was buried at his ancestral village Khad Kucha in Mustang.

Baloch activists under a disunited leadership with sheer courage and sacrifices have raised the voice of Baloch nation which is echoing throughout the world but still the civilized world keeps quiet and lets Pakistan and Iran commit genocide of Baloch.

We the Baloch nation shall stand tall and mark our existence in pages of world history as a nation which sacrificed a lot but never surrendered its freedom and won its Freedom against the darkest forces of modern times.

Long Live Free and United Balochistan

Struggle Until Victory

By: Baloch Vanguards

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