What happened Jan 15, 2010 in Khuzdar?

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Throughout history Baloch nation have faced all sort of atrocity by the hands of Pakistani and Iranian occupying forces. Year 2010 saw a new surge in the aggressive killing of a nation who asks for its birthright to a nationhood which is guaranteed by UN charter and signature by the whole international community.

Massacre of Baloch by Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) in Karachi on January 7, 2010 sparked a series of protest all over Balochistan. Baloch marched in support of their brothers of Karachi in every major cities and towns.

Baloch Student Organization (BSO-Azaad) called for a peaceful demonstration in Khuzdar to express their anger against Pakistan’s planned genocide of Baloch living in Karachi. On January 15, 2010 students gathered at Degree College Khuzdar, activists of baloch National Front (BNF) also came and joined them to show their solidarity. As the protest rally departed from the college within few minutes it came under fire from all side. Pakistani army’s assault on the unprovoked peaceful rally was so brutal and severe it left behind many dead and injured.

Baloch activists rushed their fallen comrades to hospital. Two Baloch youth Ali Dost Baloch who worked in municipal’s office and Saddam Hussain Baloch a member of BSO – Azaad and a student of Residential College Khuzdar succumbed to their injuries and joined the martyrs of Baloch heroic struggle for liberation of motherland. Liaquat Ali Baloch, Zaffar Baloch, Inayat Baloch, Ghulaam Fareed Baloch and Nazeer Baloch were severely injured. Wounded were later shifted to Karachi for lack of medical facilities in Balochistan. Doctors in Karachi amputated Liaquat Ali Baloch’s leg from the knee to save his life.

Those who protested against the massacre were massacred to let know Baloch that Pakistan’s planned to “slow genocide” their nation will get vicious with every passing day. The message should be clear to all the Baloch nationalist forces and their leaders, verbal talk to unity can’t save the nation and its liberation movement. Sincere and serious effort can only bring a lasting unity that will take the nation final victory.

Resistance till victory.

[Text via: Baloch Vanguards ]

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