Iran: Insult and Beating Baloch Religious Scholars in Mashhad Prison


NCRI – The political prisoner, Mowlavi Nour al-Din Kashani, Baloch Religious Scholars, who was transferred last week from Zahedan prison to Special Clerical Court in Mashhad, was transferred back to Zahedan prison after harassment, insult and beating in Vakil Abad Prison in Mashhad.

He was held in Ward 101 in Vakil Abad Prison in Mashhad for one week and has been harassed by the revolutionary guards during this time. The revolutionary guards shaved his beard and did not allow him wear Baluchi garments or perform prayers and religious rituals and had repeatedly beaten him.

According to him, during the time he was held in Vakil Abad Prison “6 prisoners, 5 of them Sunni fellows, from Ward 101 were executed.”

“Every week, 60 prisoners are executed in this security prison and this issue is not leaked to the media,” he said.

Mowlavi Nour al-Din Kashani is from Zahedan and was arrested in August 2013. According to him, they have severely tortured him to extract false confessions and such statements are used as the basis for charges and verdict against him.

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