Balochistan: 13 people abducted from Makran and Dera Bugti

Enforced Disappearance Of Baloch activists

BALOCHISTAN: Pakistani forces have abducted nine people from different area district Kech Turbat and four people from Sui Dera Bugti Balochistan on Friday.

Balochwarna News sources reported that Pakistani force attacked two villages in Dash area of Turbat Balochistan in the early hours of Friday morning.

The affected village include Gohrag Hassen, Shamli Kapkapar and Tump Balicha where Pakistan forces violated the sanctity of the houses, terrorised and torture women, and children during their raids.

Pakistan forces also looted precious belongings of inhabitants and set their houses on fire.

The following people have been abducted from Shamli Kapkapar and Gohrag Hassen villages.

  • Naseer Shikari
  • Rahim Bakhsh
  • Salim Safar
  • Tariq Safar
  • Mujeed Jameel
  • Zahid Rahmat Mandok
  • Safar Jiand
  • Hafeez Faiz Mohammad

One man has been abducted from Balicha area of Tump Balochistan whose identity could not be confirmed until the filing of this report.

It is pertinent to remember that Pakistani forces have been carrying out attacks in several areas of Dasht from past several weeks.

Residents say that more than 100 people have been arrested and disappeared during these offensives.

Only few have been release but most of them are still being held by Pakistani forces at undisclosed locations.

Local Human Rights Organisation and political groups also say that thousands of people have migrated from areas that fall under CPEC route because of continuous attacks by Pakistani forces.

Separately, Pakistani forces abducted four people of the same family from Sui Dera Bugti Balochistan on Friday.

According the details Pakistani forces conducted raids in Matt region of Dera Bugti and Sui main bazar. Gulla son of Saed Khan Bugti and Khair Jan son of Gulla Bugti have been abducted from Matt while Riaz son of Gulla Bugti and Jogi son of Gulla Bugti have been whisked away from Sui’s main city centre.

All four men belong to the same family and have been abducted in broad day light in presence of several eye-witnesses.

Meanwhile, two dead bodies of Sangsela attack on 28 November have been identified as Shari Mohammad Marri and Band Ali Marri.

Two close relative of the victims were reportedly killed last month when a Pakistani forces gunship helicopter indiscriminately bombed their home.

Courtesy Baloch Warna


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