Pakistan Army Kills Five Baloch in Fake Encounter


BALOCHISTAN: Pakistani security forces on Tuesday issue a statement to the media in which they claim that the Frontier Corps conducted an operation in Talli area of Balochistan’s Sibi district in which five suspected militants were killed and they recovered a huge cache of arms and ammunition.

According to local sources and Baloch social media activists Pakistan army from 26 November 2016 have been conducting military operation in Sibi district and its adjoining areas.

Pakistani forces have conducted air strikes and ground offensives in Kalgari, Jharradi and Molay Lad area in Talli; they have looted and burned many housed in these villages.

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Five abducted Baloch civilians were killed in cold blood during Talli offensive and many persons including four children have been arrested and disappeared during these brutal operations.

Four victims killed in Pakistan army’s custody have been identified as

  1. Faizan Marri S/O Qadir Marri
  2. Hammal Khan Marri S/O Qadir Marri
  3. Bakht Ali Marri S/O Sher Ali
  4. Dowlo Marri

Name of fifth victim could not be confirmed until filing of this report.

It is worth mentioning here that after infamous ‘kill and dump’ policy, the Pakistan forces have started a new trend of killing the previously abducted persons in staged encounters.


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