Balochistan: Pak Forces Abducted 9 Baloch Villages In A Military Operation From Gwarkóp


BALOCHISTAN: Pakistani Security forces conducted a military operation in Gwarkóp Pidark, District Kech, Balochistan on Tuesday morning which continued till evening. According to the local sources two gunship helicopters were also used in this operation.

The area was kept under siege for the whole day. Security forces searched houses in the area and picked up every man present at the house. Persons who are abducted in today’s operation include a 26 years old student Kahoor Babul, a 38 years old farmer Umetan Faqir and a 46 years old fish seller Yousuf Baiyan. Other abductees include:

  1. Naim Ali Mohammad
  2. Adil Naim
  3. Kambar Sakhi dad
  4. Wahid Bakhsh Arz Mohammad
  5. Bahar Ramzan
  6. Tapi Shahdad

Security forces ended up siege of villages in the evening but still staying in area, turning public schools into military camps.

Pidark is an area which is located between Turbat and the coastal areas of Pasni and Gwadar. It is on the route of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), a multi-billion China-Pak project which the nationalists oppose.

The area is well known as one of the Main headquarters of Islamist Militant groups operate in Balochistan. It’s in the middle of the two Iranian Borders, coastal route on the north and the mountainous Mand-Panjgur borders on the south.

Pidark had been in the center of heavy military operations since the beginning of the current State-Locals conflict in 2004. From April 2009, Pidark is well known for the dumped dead bodies of political activists who had been previously abducted by the security forces, which started with the dead body of Ghulam Mohammad Baloch, the then Chairman of Baloch National Movement (BNM), Lala Munir, then Ex-Voice Chairman of BNM and Sher Mohammad Baloch, a central leader of BRP. Both BNM and BRP are active political groups in Balochistan.

Intense use of force has already created a huge humanitarian crisis in Balochistan, which is hidden from the civilized world as no International Media and HR group had succeeded to enter in Balochistan, but the situation is getting worse day by day leading to the worst ends.


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