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Now Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan descendant to urge Modi to stand by Pakhtunistan


Khan alleged that the condition of the Pashtuns living in NWFP is appalling and the Pakistan government is not keen on any development in the region.

Ravik Bhattacharya, Hindustan Times, Kolkata

India-Pakistan relations may have more twists in store than meets the eye. Yasmin Nigar Khan, great granddaughter of Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan, better known as Frontier Gandhi, now plans to meet Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi to urge him to stand by the Pashtuns as he did in the case of Balochistan.

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CPEC: a Baloch perspective

railway Balochistan

If five thousand kilometres of road and rail network constructed during the British Raj didn’t change Balochistan socio-economic landscape then how will the CPEC manage that?

By Sanaullah Baloch

During one hundred years of colonial rule in greater India and Balochistan, the British Raj constructed thousands of kilometres of railway lines, roads, bridges, airports, telegraph lines and strategic garrisons.

The logic behind all this massive infrastructure investment was very clear: to maintain colonial rule, maximise exploitation and counter the Russian advance towards the warm waters of Balochistan.

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