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Protesters to gather at Karachi Press Club in support of disappeared activist Wahid Baloch


By: Carol Anne Grayson

Human right Commission for Pakistan-HRCP and friends of Baloch literary and social activist Wahid Baloch are to stage a protest on Monday 3rd October, at 4pm, Regal Chowk to Karachi Press Club to protest his enforced disappearance at the alleged hands of the state in Pakistan. On July 26th, 2016 Wahid was travelling with a friend Sabir Ali Sabir when the bus he was on was stopped at Karachi Superhighway toll plaza. Wahid was asked to leave the vehicle after an identity card check and taken to a “blue-coloured Vigo” as stated to Dawn media by his daughter.

“Missing Baloch social worker was “picked up” on Karachi Superhighway”

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Balochistan: 69 including four students abducted by Pak forces in seven days

Majid Rasheed Baloch

BALOCHISTAN: On 30th of September, a news emerged in Social media and then was confirmed that 16 years old Majid Rasheed Baloch was picked up by Pakistani security forces at Azian check post in Mand, District Kech. He was traveling back after having a football match between his team and another club from Mand to Gomazi, Tump, district Kech along with his friends. Their vehicle was stopped at Azian check post for almost an hour. Finally the security forces took Majid with them leaving the others behind.

Majid is a 16 years old student of grade 9th in High School Gomazi, Tump of District Kech. His father, Mr. Rasheed Baloch is a farmer, he works hard to earns a living for his family, his wife, four sons and one daughter.

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Balochistan; 300 people abducted, 122 extra judicially killed By Pak Forces In September, 2016: BHRO

bhro-logoBALOCHISTAN: Baloch Human Rights Organization released its monthly report about human rights violation in Balochistan which says that in the month of September 300 people were abducted by State Forces and went missing while 122 people were killed in Balochistan. Among the killed ones 20 mutilated bodies were found who were already in the custody of forces and were abducted from different areas of Balochistan. The report further added that forces are targeting innocent civilians without any discrimination.

Human rights are being violated on daily basis during operations in far fledged areas of Balochistan which are beyond the reach of media. Media is failed to play its role to bring forward the whole situation in front of common people.

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How Balochistan is now everybody’s war

BSO_A demo Karachi Zahid Baloch2

Indians join Baloch to unleash global info blitzkrieg on ground and social media to corner Pakistan.


Even a year ago, our conversations hardly ever featured Balochistan, unless it was a foreign policy experts’ gathering.

It is suddenly all over social media, in pub banter, office watercooler talk. Since Prime Minister Narendra Modi did a political kamikaze supporting the Baloch cause from the Red Fort on August 15, ordinary Indians have not stopped talking about it.

Balochistan is the open wound Pakistan has inflicted upon itself, on land it controversially occupied overriding a commitment of autonomy. There is an outbreak of newfound curiosity around it in India.

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