Pak forces abduct 30 people from wedding ceremony on a CPEC route in Balochistan


BALOCHISTAN: Security forces raided the Singabad village of Tijaban area in District Kech, Balochistan, Tuesday evening, kidnapping at least 30 men attending a wedding ceremony.

The village was kept under heavy military siege for hours. Forces conducted a house-to-house search operation, looted valuables and took all the men into custody at a wedding ceremony. The groom, Ramzan Baloch, was also picked up. They are all missing since then.

Tijaban is in Sub-Tehsil Hoshab, which falls on the western route of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CEPC), a grand plan to give China access to Balochistan’s hot waters. Baloch nationalists have opposed the CPEC as they fear it would change the demographics of their region against their wishes.

Villages falling on the CPEC routes are often raided and residents are picked up, held in illegal custody, tortured and killed. It has caused massive forced displacements of the local population.

Media and Human Rights organizations are not allowed to visit Balochistan. International HR watchdogs have issued a number of reports requesting the government of Pakistan to stop human rights violations in Balochistan, but to no avail.

The communication network of the Hoshab area (where the latest raid took place) is out of reach since the raid. However, we managed to some details of the people who were picked up.

They are as follows:

  1. Hakim
  2. Bashir
  3. Pazul
  4. Aziz
  5. Ramzan
  6. Ghafoor
  7. Malang
  8. Najib
  9. Adnan
  10. Naseer
  11. Rafiq, Master
  12. Dur Muhammad
  13. Altaf
  14. Abdul Hamed
  15. Sardar
  16. Baiyan
  17. Hamiad
  18. Ghulam
  19. Mehrab
  20. Sarfiraz, Master
  21. Washdad
  22. Hebatan
  23. Huda Bakhsh
  24. Hasil
  25. Allah Bakhsh
  26. Hashom
  27. Pullan
  28. Fateh Muhammad
  29. Aidu
  30. Sabzal

Courtesy: hakkpaan

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