Balochistan: 14 Years Old Student Abducted By Pak Forces From Turbat


BALOCHISTAN: 14 years old Amjid Sarduk, a student of grade 9 was abducted from Turbat on 15th September 2016.

According to details, the security forces raided Post office colony in Turbat town at midnight between 15 and 16 of September, they searched the house of Sarduk they were looking for Amjid his son, who was not at home at the time. He lives with his widow sister at Apsar Turbat.

Sarduk was taken to show the house where Amjid lives with his widow sister and her widow mother-in-law. Amjid, a student of grade 9 was taken by security forces. The whereabouts of Amjid are unknown since then.

Amjid is the second brother among three brothers and five sisters. His father, Sarduk is a peon/watchman in Turbat post office. 43 years old Sarduk has spent all his life by watching over the post office and also served as house servant to all the officials of the post office Turbat, by cooking and cleaning in their houses. He left his village Hirronk, long ago and kept living in Turbat town to provide a good education to his children.

Although Sarduk had dreams for his children to be well educated and have a better life than their parents have, but it seems he has not been successful in doing so. For more than 10 years he was financially struggled to save one of his daughter who was a cardiac patient. He and his wife kept visiting Karachi time to time for her treatment, she died after struggling ten years against the disease.

Now a new struggle have started for Sarduk, he runs from pillar to post to save his son Amjid. He knocks at the doors of courts, press clubs, Human Rights Organizations to satisfy himself that he is trying his best to save his 14 years old son, will he succeed?

It all depends on the international community, when they will hear the cries of Baloch families whose love ones have been enforced disappeared by Pakistan, for they (Baloch families) have lost hope to get justice from Pakistani courts.

Courtesy: hakkpaan

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