“Puppet” Pak PM working at army’s behest: Baloch activist


ANI  |  New York [USA] September 22, 2016: Baloch activist Nabi Baksh has said that Pakistani Prime Minister is a mere puppet controlled by the army and added that there is no democracy in the country.

“We don’t expect anything from Nawaz Sharif, he is a mere puppet, and the army is ruling the country. They do not have a democratic government in Pakistan,” Baksh, deputy convener of the Baloch National Movement, North America, told ANI.

He made the remarks at a protest being held by Balochis and Sindhis in front of the United Nations headquarters.

Reacting to reports that Sharif held a telephonic conversation with Pakistan’s Army Chief General Raheel Sharif ahead of his speech at the United Nations, Nabi said, “It was like General Raheel was telling Sharif that listen you have to read this paper there. So, what can we expect from him?”

Highlighting the human rights violations in Pakistan, he said, “More than 20,000 people, including political activists, lawyers, engineers and doctors, are missing in Balochistan. Thousands of mutilated bodies have been found in Balochistan.”

The Baloch activist added that the United Nations should question Prime Minister Sharif about the same.

“We demand that the United Nations should ask Nawaz Sharif that where are the missing people. Why did you people kill them?” he said.

Another Sindh freedom protestor Haider Lashari said Pakistan has no base as it was formed on religious grounds and added that only the Punjab natives have all rights in the country and other communities have been sidelined.

“We have been struggling from 1972. We want freedom and we will have it,” he said.

Lashari further said Pakistan and Israel are two countries that were formed on the basis of religion.

“Pakistan has no base. Sindhi, Balochis or Pashtuns have no rights in Pakistan it is only Punjabis who have the rights. Pakistan means Punjab and Punjab means Pakistan,” he told ANI.

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