Balochistan: Worship Places of Zikri Baloch Burned Down By Pakistani State Sponsored ISIS in Panjgur


BALOCHISTAN: Religious extremists of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) brand who the Pakistani army patronizes in Balochistan to counter Baloch National Struggle went on a rampage and burned down dozens of places of worship “Zikir Khana” of Zikri Baloch in Gichk area of district Panjgur, Balochistan.

On 21st September 2016 Pakistani state sponsored death squad operatives with the armed persons of ISIS burned down many Zikir Khanas in different areas of Gichk including “Sayad Essa Peer” and “Sayad Yousuf Peer” in Askani Chib, “Sayad Haji Peer” in Drakop and “Peer Sayad Kmalan” in Damli.

Eye witnesses in the localities informed that ISIS armed persons were riding in their specific beige color Toyota land cruiser with their trade mark ISIS flag waving on them after burring the worship places in broad daylight they drove into Sargwaz Pakistan army camp in Gichk.

It is worth mentioning here that Pakistani state sponsored death squad and religious extremists have killed many members of Zikri Baloch community destroyed their Zikir Khanas in past and have also damaged many girls educational institution.

Political analysts believe that Pakistan is patronizing religious extremists to counter the Baloch liberation movement and is now actively and vigorously following the policy to activate ISIS in Balochistan to achieve its nefarious aims.

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