New app soon for AIR’s Baluchi service

air-balochi-appThe Baluchi programme can be heard anywhere in the world with the help of the app.

Amrita Nayak Dutta 

While the Centre is planning to bolster All India Radio’s long-running Baluchi service, the public broadcaster is in the process of launching an application so that the programmes can be heard by everyone across the world with just a click of a button.

According to officials, creating an application for the 42-year-old Baluchi service was anyway in the offing, along with 15 other services managed by the external services division.

“However, after the Prime Minister mentioned about Balochistan’s condition during the Independence Day speech, the external services division of AIR has prioritized the Baluchi service. The application and live streaming of the service will be in place soon,” a senior official said.

Currently, service already broadcasts a daily, hour-long programme between 8-30pm and 9-30pm, that includes a news bulletin, review of the Indian press, Balochi music, talks on Indian culture and heritage and status of women in the country.

“However, few people know about this service since it is not aired in India, but only in the Balochistan province and some surrounding areas. But once the app and the live streaming service is brought into place, it can heard in any part of the world,” the official said.

Sources also said that as part of the plan to augment the Baluchi service, the public broadcaster is also looking for an increased manpower. “To increase the duration of the show, we will be recruiting more people who can speak and translate Baluchi language. At present, there is a dearth of people who knows the language well,” another official said.

dna earlier reported that the AIR is trying to put in place the Baluchi service’s social media platforms and will be starting a WhatsApp-based service and a Facebook page as part of strengthening the feedback gathering mechanism for the service.

The External Services Division of All India Radio already broadcasts daily in 57 transmissions covering over 108 countries in 27 languages. Out of these, live streaming of 12 channels are already in place.



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