Who killed Dr. Tayib Baloch and why?

Dr. Tayib Baloch provided medical aid not only to the downtrodden in the neighborhood but also to Baloch political activists who could not risk visiting a hospital for fear of being detained or disappeared by the Pakistani security forces.

Dr Tayib_Salman 1On 3rd June 2016 people in Buleda pulled out two bodies from a well; their hands and legs were tied up. These bodies were identified as that of Dr. Tayib Baloch son of Maula Bakhsh and his teenage son Salman Baloch.

The Pakistani state sponsored death squad under patronage of the Buleda’s elite and led by Zahoor Buledi picked up Dr. Tayib and his son. They cut Dr. Tayib’s throat and shot his son after torturing them.

Dr. Tayib was a young physician who practiced medicine in the village. Buleda is a small valley and a Tehsil of Kech District in occupied Balochistan in Pakistan.

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