Who was Dr. Tayib Baloch

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On 3rd June 2016 people in Buleda pulled out two bodies from a well; their hands and legs were tied up. Buleda is a small valley and a Tehsil of Kech District in occupied Balochistan in Pakistan.

These bodies were identified as that of Dr. Tayib Baloch son of Maula Bakhsh and his teenage son Salman Baloch. Dr. Tayib was a young physician who practiced medicine in the village.

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A few days before the incident, Dr. Tayib told his friends that he was receiving threats from certain quarters because of his sympathy towards the Baloch freedom struggle. He said that the ruling elite of Buleda considered him a lower caste and were trying to force him to follow their directives like a salve. He had told his friends this he would never accept.

The Pakistani state sponsored death squad under patronage of the Buleda’s elite and led by Zahoor Buledi picked up Dr. Tayib and his son. They cut Dr. Tayib’s throat and shot his son after torturing them. They then shackled their hands and legs and threw them in the well where the people of Buleda found them.

It is worth mentioning here since the so-called democratic government of Dr. Malik and Sanaullah Zahri came into power death squad activities have increased and they are now being organized at village level throughout Balochistan.


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3 responses to “Who was Dr. Tayib Baloch

  1. Today, thanks to efforts of our parents and grandparents in last 70 years, India is a rising superpower. India has money and power. Indians have a strong voice that cannot be dismissed unlike Pakistanis who no one cares about. And if our government enables us… we will use our voice for Baluchistan. The next age belongs to asia and my dream is for our countries of sub-continental asia baluchistan, hindustan, bangladesh…we will emerge strong together as friends. We will throw the chainese out of our waters. Bay of bangal and access to africa and middle east through our ocean belongs to us only.

  2. I hope people of Baluchistan will forgive Indians for ignoring their suffering for so long. Reality is that India was also very poor after looters British left. And Pakistan was always nuisance forcing our country to spend a lot on army and defence. And even today poverty continues to be a curse on many Indias. My father couldn’t earn enough to feed us properly. With great difficulty we have risen above those days. We were too busy fighting hunger. Thanks to education and my family, today I am capable. Our text books also never teach much about baluchistan or pakhtuns. We only learn about Pakistan and our former history of hindu civilization in sind. I thank Mr. Tarek Fatah for enlightening me about your country of baloch. After listening to him, I read a lot about Baluch history on internet. We have been neighbors for a long long time. I dedicate this song to you… i think it’s a baloch folk song.. i had first heard remixed version of it called baby doll (in bollywood film)

  3. Horrific and deeply saddening story. I hope our PM Narendra Modi will strongly enable Indians to support Balochistan’s cause for freedom which many Indians today feel for deeply. It’s a new world and suppressed Baluchistan has every right to contribute it’s young minds to the formation of the new millennium. Afghanistan has already started it’s journey. It will take some time but we all hope that it will succeed. Heartiest wishes for Baloch nation. Death to Punjabistan! Jai Hindustan! Jai Baluchistan!

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