Balochistan: Pakistani forces arrested and disappeared over 40 people in Quetta and Soorab

quetta-cityBALOCHISTAN: Pakistani security forces have carried out raids in different areas of Quetta and Soorab Balochistan and abducted more than 40 people on Saturday night.

According to details the FC (Frontier Constabulary) and police conducted joined raids in Killi Ismael and surrounding areas in Quetta, the capital of Balochistan.

Separately, Pakistan forces also conducted raids in Soorab area of Balochistan.

Over 40 people have been arrested and disappeared from both Quetta and Soorab. The Pakistani forces and media sources claimed that the arrested person were suspected ‘miscreants’.

Mumtaz Arman Baloch

Mumtaz Arman Baloch

Meanwhile, on Sunday the Pakistan have also abducted a Balochi language poet Mr Mumtaz Arman Baloch from Kharan Balochistan.

Sources told Balochwarna News that Mr Arman’s family and children were beaten up and harassed during the attack on his house.

Local people tried to resist the Baloch poet’s arrest but security forces resorted to violence and dispersed the protesters.

Baloch pro-freedom parties and leaders have long been complaining that Pakistani forces abducted about 20,000 people from Balochistan and killed more than 4000 of them in custody.

Every August the Pakistani forces carry out random raids and round up people alleging that they were trying to disrupt the celebrations of 14, August – Pakistan’s independence day.

On the other hand, the Baloch pro-freedom resistance organisations also intensify their attacks on government functions and shopkeepers selling Pakistani flags.

They say that Baloch people have no interest in Pakistan’s independence day and 14 August is remembered as a ‘Black Day’ in history of Balochistan.

People of Balochistan commemorate 11th of August as their independence day each year since 27 March, 1948 when, according to pro-freedom Baloch, Pakistan forcibly and illegally occupied their sovereign country, Balochistan

Courtesy: Baloch Warna


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