4 August: Shaheed Ali Nawaz Gohar Khan

Ali Gohar Jan Baloch

Baloch nation has given birth to many brave sons who faced the challenge of defending the freedom of their motherland, and became immortal in history.

One such brave soul was Ali Nawaz Gohar Khan; born to a lower middle class family of Nabi Bakhsh in Mehi, Mashkay, district Awaran, Balochistan. His elder brothers, Master Safar Khan and Dr. Allah Nizar, commander, BLF had a long lasting impression on him. Simplicity, honesty and hard work molded his personality to become a conscious and committed political activist.

In the 1990s, he worked with various elements in the movement to form Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) and started an armed struggle against the Pakistani occupation forces in Balochistan.

In 2005, Ali Nawaz was arrested along with Dr. Allah Nazar and other comrades from Karachi and spent many months in the dungeons of Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) the notorious intelligence agency of Pakistan. He faced severe torture but stood unshaken on his resolve for the freedom of his motherland.

On August 4, 2015, at around 5 pm, Pakistani army troops surrounded the mountains of Gajjali in Mashkay and targeted the BLF camp with heavy weapons. Gunship helicopter was hovering above and the Pakistani soldiers were everywhere – the camp was completely sieged by the enemy. With his bravery and leadership skills, Ali Nawaz moved swiftly under heavy fire and was successful in breaking the siege. He created a safe passage for his comrades to escape. Being the commander, he stood his ground until the last person had safely left the camp. That day a Baloch mother was proud of her son who breathed his last facing his enemy till he fell to the bosom of his beloved motherland.

Yearning for freedom, voices of Baloch martyrs still echo songs of liberation from the mountains of Balochistan, keeping the enemy sleepless till the final victory.

Long live Free and United Balochistan

Struggle Until Victory

Baloch Vanguards


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