Free Balochistan Movement long march kicked off from Dusseldorf city of Germany

Free Balochistan Movement_long march_germany

DUSSELDORF: The Free Balochistan Movement has started its long march from Dusseldorf city of Germany on Saturday 16 July 2016.

Before starting the march, the participants gathered at main train station of Dusseldorf and formally launched their long march – the Baloch Freedom March.

In their appeal to international media and international Human Rights organisations their marchers read out a message setting out the aim of their long march.

They said, “We have decided to organise this long march to highlight the ongoing Pakistani state atrocities and human rights violations in Balochistan. The aim of our march is also to inform the freeborn people of world that there is a war going on in Balochistan but the international community and world media mostly either remains unware of this war or they are misled by Pakistan state sponsored into believing that everything is fine in Balochistan.”

They said throughout the march they will be highlighting the human rights violations that Pakistani state has been committing in Balochistan since 1948 when Pakistan occupied the sovereign state of Baloch nation. “This march is also aimed at showing the world the other side of the Baloch story that Pakistan and its media tries conceal from the rest of the world.”

They requested the German and other Human Rights activists to join the Baloch Freedom March to show their support and solidarity with the people of Balochistan. They also urged the international media outlets to help them raise their voice and spread awareness about the plight of Baloch people.

It pertinent to note that the Pakistani forces have enforced-disappeared more than 20,000 people only last 15 years and killed more than 5000 of the disappeared people under-custody. Not a day passes by without Pakistani military attacks on Baloch civilians.

The long marchers in their appeal said that “The Pakistani forces are indiscriminately killing our men, women and children by attacking our homes and villages.”

The participants have walked for 30km yesterday from Dusseldorf city to Wuppertal chanting slogans and giving out leaflets German public as they continued their march.

Meanwhile to Baloch social media activists took to twitter and Facebook using hashtags #FreeBalochistanMovement #BalochFreedomMarch and #LongMarchForFreedom to share information about Pakistan state brutalities in Balochistan and support the pro-freedom Baloch activists’ long march in Germany.

The Freedom Balochistan Movement, an international campaign group to spread awareness about Balochistan situation, has also set up a Facebook: where they will be sharing regular pictures and videos of the long march.

The pro-freedom Baloch leader Hyrbyair Marri has called for this international awareness campaign, earlier in a statement Mr. Marri has said that the first phase of the Free Balochistan Movement campaign will start from Germany but there will be programs in other countries around the world as well to inform people about the illegal occupation of Balochistan by Pakistan and the human rights violations that Pakistan has been committing since forcible occupation of Balochistan.

Courtesy: Baloch Warna

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