Hardliners coercing family of slain Christian MPA to drop charges against the assassin

Hendry Masih Baluch

BALOCHISTAN: Family of MPA Baluchistan Hendry Masih coerced by local Muslims and hardliners to drop charged against the assassin of the lawmaker. The family is receiving threats to pardon the gunman who had gunned down the lawmaker in 2014. The Christian family seeks protection as the fanatics are bent on getting the assassin of Hendry Masih acquitted.

Hendry Masih Baluch was a Christian lawmaker selected on minority seat of the Baluchistan Assembly. After his selection as Member of Provincial Assembly Baluchistan 2014, he extended all out services to the religious minorities in the province. He strived for the rights of all. He intended to cater to the marginalized Christians living in Kachi Abaadis, and had an intention to initiate a housing project for them.

The Christian lawmaker publicly encouraged Baluchistan’ Christian occupying minimal jobs, “Baluchistan’s Christians should not feel ashamed for being known as sweepers in Baluchistan, as it is our profession,” he stated on one occasion. The Christian lawmaker also under took the chore of going door to door and encouraging people to educate their children, as he spreading awareness about the need of education among Baluchistan’ minorities.

Hailing from a middle class background, he was never ashamed to make known that he worked as a sweeper in early adolescence. He was loved by all specially the religious communities expressed deep satisfaction over his performance.

On June 14, 2014, Hendry’ personal gun man Ghulam Mahudin shot him down. The assassin was arrested but, still not have been punished despite the fact that all evidences point towards him, and the matter is clear as crystal. His family members whine that neither his party NP (National Party) support them not endeavored to get the perpetrator punished.

His elder brother bore the expenses of the lawyer and was not assisted by any of the provincial officials. Hendry’ family urged the government authorities, and Christian leaders and other Human Rights groups to uphold their cause, and provide legal cushion as well as protection to the imperiled family members.

Courtesy: Christians in Pakistan

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