The Pakistani Army is using Baloch citizens as human shields. BNM

bnm-flagThe Pakistani Army is using Baloch citizens as human shields by setting up military camps and detention centers inside Baloch populations by encroaching on schools, colleges and community centers. Pakistani military units deployed within Baloch populations often resort to indiscriminate revenge shelling on the surrounding population whenever they suffer losses at the hands of Baloch Resistance Fighters.

The Pakistani Army is also forcing Baloch civilians to act as cover for its military convoys by coercing Baloch civilians to travel with its convoys.

Further, the Pakistani Army, after failing to undermine the resolve of Pro-independence Baloch Political Activists through Abduct & Kill Operations and Staged Encounters has stepped up targeting the families of Pro-independence Political Activists; on 17th June 2016, the Pakistani Army abducted Saif Baloch, the younger brother of Baloch National Movement (BNM) Chairperson, Khalil Baloch, from Panjgur.

The BNM is closely monitoring the Pakistani Army’s, yet this newest, serious violation of the Geneva Convention and has reported it to the International Community, Supranational Entities and Human Rights Organizations.

The International Community, Supranational Entities and Human Rights Organizations may not be acting for the time being but they are witness to war crimes that the Pakistani Army is committing in Occupied Balochistan.

The International Community, Supranational Organizations and Human Rights Organizations must act now to put an end to the Baloch Genocide and prevent Pakistan from repeating the crimes against humanity it committed against Bangladeshi nation.

The United States and West must also reconsider their policies towards Pakistan; despite being rewarded with military and economic aid worth billions of dollars the Pakistani State is still a safe haven for the world’s most wanted terrorists; Osama Bin Laden, Mullah Omar, Mullah Mansour Akhtar were all being housed and later killed, or died, in Pakistan. That, by far, is not the end of the list, international terror masterminds, Hafiz Saeed and the Haqqani Network both operate from Pakistan.

The Pakistani state is also countering the secular Baloch nation through the same terrorist organizations.

The Pakistani Army on June 5,, 2016 abducted Jamshed Son of Behram resident of Haji Shehr, Jhaoo, Dawood resident of Shahi Tramp, Jhaoo, Nasir son of Mama Shah and Nawaz son of Kamisa residents of Waja Bagh, Jhaoo, Waheed son of Mohammad from Nondara, Jhaoo, Mengal son of Imam Bux and Mohammad son of Abdullah from Kotu, Jhaoo.

On June 16, 2016 the Pakistani Army abducted many Baloch men and ransacked homes and looted residents’ valuables during a search operation in Nazar Abad Kech and adjoining areas. Names of abductees reported are; Sarwar Baloch, Munawar, Ustad Habib, Mohammad Hussain, Khalil Ahmed, Jehanzeb and Nadil Baloch. The BNM is fearful for the lives of the abductees; Pakistani forces kill abductees in captivity.


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