A Message by Shaheed Suleman aka Shehak Baloch

On June 30th 2015, Pakistani Army attacked Mehi village in Mashkay, some 400km from Quetta, the hometown of Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) supreme commander Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch. Army began aerial shelling and spraying bullets with helicopter gunships on the village and nearby mountains and then ground troops moved in breaking into civilian houses. In that carnage totally 11 people were brutally massacred including Dr. Allah Nazar’s elder brother Safar Khan and two of his nephews Suleman aka Shehak and Zakir Baloch.

Suleman was a commander of BLF. The family was gathered there for the funeral of Suleman’s father who passed away on June 29. Among the martyred only four were members of BLF and rest were non combatant civilians.

Here are two EXCLUSIVE video clips recorded moments before Shaheed Shehak Jan’s martyrdom where he speaks his last word for his friends, family and nation.

WARNING! This Video Contains Gruesomely Graphic Images Viewer Discretion Strongly Advised

Shaheed Shehak Jan’s Message to his Sangats

My Sangats, I have been shot. If I get martyred, fight with the enemy is going on. Freedom for Balochistan is our aim. All the sacrifices that our Sangats have made, they are still sacrificing; for the sake of their sacrifices I urge the leadership and all that don’t do anything that might harm our organization causing the struggle to stop. In order to strengthen the struggle and foil all the tactics of the enemy, every Sangat must struggle. I may not have much strength left to speak… Perhaps I am short of time.

Long Live Balochistan.

Long Live BLF.

Long Live Free Balochistan.

Salaam Alek!

Shaheed Shehak Jan’s Message to His Family

O mother, don’t be sad at all, I am not dying a coward’s death. If I die, I will be dying like aman. My children, be proud of me that I have fought for my nation. (The ones at the hill top are shooting? They are shooting at a higher trajectory). We have fought and luckily I am shot at the front (of my body). My mother, don’t be sad at all. My sisters, don’t be sad at all. I have sacrificed for a good cause. I have not done anything wrong that you would ever be ashamed of among the folks. Salaam Alek!

Right after recording this message Shehak Jan gave all of his belongings and bullets to his Sangats. He said: these bullets are enough. I am already hit and may not last long. I will kill at least two of enemy soldiers and then shoot myself. I will not let them take me alive.

After the Mehi carnage Pakistani Army tied the dead bodies of martyred Baloch to their military trucks and dragged them for miles. Most of them are mutilated beyond recognition.

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