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June 29: Shaheed Ibrahim Saleh Baloch

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June 28, 2016 · 3:00 pm

#SaveDrDeenMohdBaloch Daughter Appeals to the World

Dr deen Mohd BalochDr. Deen Mohammad Baloch, senior leader of Baloch National Movement (BNM) and a medical officer has been abducted from his official resident in Ornarch area of Khuzdar, Balochistan on 28 June 2009 and is still missing. His daughter Mehlab Baloch appeals to Human Rights Organization to help her find his father.


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Mehlab is Missing

Mehlab Baloch

In struggle its struggle itself that becomes a life, not the destination

by Zahid Abdulla

Every day in school Hani misses her friend Mehlab and tells the story of their friendship to other classmates. She still remembers her jokes, naughtiness, and the dolls that she used to hide in her school bags and how they played with the dolls at her home. Her eyes become nostalgic when she remembers her. She wants life to go back before June 2009 and it should always be KG1 in School.

Mehlab and Hani had not known that one day life would bring them to recall each other only in memory. They did not know people would disappear. One day Mehlab’s father disappeared. They say that Dr. Deen Mohammad was abducted by the Pakistani state forces. She did not understand why the Pakistan army would take away her father. Do they need a doctor in the army camp? What has her father done?

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