Pakistan Has 130 Nuclear Warheads And It Increases The Risk Of War In The Subcontinent, Says US Congress Report


By : Bobins Abraham

Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal probably consists of approximately 110-130 nuclear warheads, although it could have more, says the US Congressional Research Service (CRS) in its latest report.

The report “Pakistan’s Nuclear Weapons,” is authored by Paul K Kerr, analyst in non-proliferation, and Mary Beth Nikitin, specialist in non-proliferation.

The report dated June 14, comes in the wake of Pakistan lobbying at the Capitol Hill and before the US government in support of its membership to the 48-nation Nuclear Suppliers Group.

In the past few weeks, top Pakistani leadership including its Ambassador to the US have been writing letters to lawmakers and meeting Government officials to push for its NSG bid.

Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal is widely regarded as designed to dissuade India from taking military action against it.

The report also expresses concern over the safety of Islamabad’s nuclear weapons.

“Some observers fear radical takeover of the Pakistani government or diversion of material or technology by personnel within Pakistan’s nuclear complex. While US and Pakistani officials continue to express confidence in controls over Pakistan’s nuclear weapons, continued instability in the country could impact these safeguards,” the report said.

CRS is the independent research wing of the US Congress, which periodically prepares reports on issues of interest to American lawmakers for information purpose only and does not represent the official position of the US Congress.

Courtesy: India Times

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