IRAN: Notorious prosecutor of Zahedan threatens to suppress Sistan and Baluchistan University students


NCRI – The clerical regime’s notorious prosecutor in Zahedan, south-eastern Iran, has threatened a new crackdown on students of Sistan and Baluchistan Province in order to create a climate of fear.

According to the state-run Mizan News Agency, Mohammad Marzieh announced on June 7, that he would investigate the case of dancing in a ceremony by students at the University of Sistan and Baluchistan.

In an interview with Mizan news agency, Hosseinali Shahriari, a member of the regime’s Parliament from Zahedan, said: “The ceremony was held under the pretext of launching ethnic festivals in Ferdowsi Hall, the largest and the main hall of the University of Sistan and Baluchistan. And unfortunately, shameful and unjustifiable scenes happened there. In this ceremony, some of the students started dancing and it was not folk dancing which is justifiable but western style dancing.”

Noting that the President of Sistan and Baluchistan University was abroad during the ceremony, he said: “We are waiting for the university president to return so that we can hold a meeting with him about this shameful event and we hope he takes the necessary measures in this case.”

Shahriari also stated: “If the President of the University does not take the necessary measures, we will hold a meeting with the Minister of Science and provide him with the necessary documents about the ceremony.”

The past few weeks have seen many young adults arrested; some being flogged, fined or imprisoned for so-called ‘moral’ crimes like attending mixed-gender parties. Almost 200 young people have been arrested in the past two weeks for attending mixed-gender parties.

Courtesy: NCRI


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