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June 03: Shaheed Bibarg Zardkoohi

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June 2, 2016 · 3:00 pm

Nationalism Is Rising, Not Fascism

The claims of an increase in fascism in Europe and the U.S. derive from a misunderstanding of the term.

By George Friedman

George Friedman (2)Recently, there have been a number of articles and statements asserting that fascism is rising in Europe, and that Donald Trump is an American example of fascism. This is a misrepresentation of a very real phenomenon. The nation-state is reasserting itself as the primary vehicle of political life. Multinational institutions like the European Union and multilateral trade treaties are being challenged because they are seen by some as not being in the national interest. The charge of a rise in fascism derives from a profound misunderstanding of what fascism is. It is also an attempt to discredit the resurgence of nationalism and to defend the multinational systems that have dominated the West since World War II.

نیشنلزم ابھر رہی ہے نہ کہ فاشزم

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