Balochistan: Schools on both side of Goldsmid Line

Government Girls Primary School Kapper 1

BALOCHISTAN: The narrative of Pakistan and Iran is that Baloch Sardars has kept the Baloch nation backwardness by denying them education. Their second storyline is Baloch are conservative, and they are refusing to send their daughters to school.

But the reality is that colonizers of Baloch land don’t want Baloch children to be educated.

According to the 1998 census of Pakistan, Balochistan has 22,000 settlements but the number of government-run schools at present is 13,000 out of which 2,500 are for girls.

Parents mostly refuse because of the opinion that walking long distances to attend school is dangerous for a small child.

Here we present only one school of Gwadar, the hype modernized future district of Balochistan that also after the highly propagated “Education Emergency” policy of Dr. Malik government.

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A picture speaks a thousand words; this is Government Girls Primary School Kapper in Surbanden, tehsil Pasni of district Gwadar.

These pictures were taken on 29 April 2016, by a news report the higher school administration and local government officials were informed about the worsening condition of the school but no action was taken. Today morning at 11 Am of 4 May 2016 two students were seriously injured when the plaster of class room ceiling fell on them.

The condition of schools for the Baloch children doesn’t change when crossing the Goldsmid Line to western part of Balochistan occupied by Iran.

Recently a school teacher was crushed to death under a crumbling wall at a school in a village near Khash in Sistan Baluchistan Province.

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On April 4, 2016, Hamidreza Gongozehi, an elementary school teacher in Nukjoo, was caught under the debris after he rushed to move the students to safety as the classroom wall began to crumble.

A report says that half of schools in Iran’s Sistan-Baluchistan province need rebuilding as they are in constant danger of collapsing.

Baloch are denied all the basic human necessities from drinking water to health and education. As George Washington Carver an American botanist and inventor said “Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom”. Neither Pakistan nor Iran wants Baloch to get intellectually free and ask freedom for his motherland.

Colonizers want to keep a strict leash on Baloch nation so not ever a Baloch could stand and ask for his rights.

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