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Kashmir is not Balochistan

military operation in balochistan

Pakistan has been using force to crush insurgency in Balochistan.

By: S K Sinha

Balochistan and Kashmir are two former princely states afflicted by insurgency on the subcontinent. All others merged with either India or Pakistan and have been peaceful. The origin and history of insurgency in Balochistan are different from Kashmir. On August 4, 1947, Lord Mountbatten, the Governor- General of India, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Governor-General-designate of Pakistan, and the Khan of Kalat signed a tripartite agreement stipulating that on Pakistan becoming a dominion, Balochistan will revert to its 1876 status. The British had conquered Balochistan in that year. Jinnah had been the attorney of the Khan. In March 1948, when the Khan was in Karachi, Jinnah forced him to sign the Instrument of Accession. This was repudiated by the state Assembly and led to the start of armed revolt against Pakistan.

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