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Naazenk – A Praise Song Dedicated to Martyred Baloch Grooms

Martyred Baloch GroomsThis is how war-ridden Balochistan’s Baloch mothers, sisters, daughters, wives and lovers keep the memories of their loved ones alive now a day when their loved ones are brutally butchered by occupational forces of Pakistan.

Here a group of young women sing a praise song (naazenk) dedicated to the three martyred grooms of Gwarjak Mashkay who were brutally tortured and martyred at a Pakistan Army camp on April 21st 2015 after being abducted from their wedding beds.

Their names were Basit, Shahnawaz and Aijaz including his brother Aftab. Their crime was that they were Baloch political activists and closely related to the legendary Baloch commander of Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) Sheh Akhtar Nadeem.

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