European Parliament Organizes Hearing on Baluchistan

Hammal Haider Baloch_BNM_EU

STRASBOURG, France, April 17, 2016: The European Parliament’s EPP Group organized a seminar on ‘Coordination between Israel and other countries in the fight against global terrorism’. Mr. Hamal Haider Baluch, international spokesperson of the Baluch National Movement, was the keynote speaker in this seminar. Fifty Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) attended the event.

Mr. Baluch spoke about how Pakistan has been supporting global terrorism, and countries like China have been backing Pakistan’s illegitimate activities. He emphasized that one of the major concerns that needs to be urgently addressed by the international community is the killing by the Pakistani Army and ISI of innocent Baloch civilians, including women and children.

He suggested that this was being done in order to remove any obstacles in the way of China’s economic expansion in Pakistan, particularly to enable creation of the “China-Pakistan Economic Corridor”. However, he said, this had created a genocide-like situation for the people of Baluchistan, and had also fuelled resentment amongst the Baluch people against China.

He added that China has been occupying the lands of Baluch people with the help of the Pakistani government by paying huge bribes to bureaucrats, senior government officials and politicians. This illicit wealth is then stashed away in foreign bank accounts by these corrupt Pakistanis.

MEP Fulvio Martusciello thanked the speaker and emphasized that the European Parliament supports and stands with the Baluch people. He opined that it is the responsibility of the Pakistani Government to safeguard the rights of Baluch nationals and bring to a halt the relentless killings of innocent persons, including women and children. He assured him that he would raise, with the President of the European Parliament, the serious issue of the so-called ‘kill and dump’ campaign allegedly being conducted by Pakistani armed forces, and the ‘genocide of Baluch nationals in the state of Pakistan‘.

SOURCE Baluchistan House

Courtesy: PRNewswire

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