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European Parliament Raises Concerns About Baluchistan

Alberto Cirio

STRASBOURG, France, April 16, 2016: During a debate in the European Parliament in Strasbourg on 14th April 2016, titled “Human Rights Situation in Pakistan: in particular the attack in Lahore,” Mr. Alberto Cirio raised the issue of the killing of minorities, specifically Christians and Baluchis, in Pakistan.

Subsequently, in a private interview, Mr. Cirio mentioned that Pakistan has been the biggest sponsor of international terrorism, evident from the manner in which Osama Bin Laden is suspected of having been supported and sheltered by the Pakistan Army and ISI, adjacent to an important Pakistan Army establishment.

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A five day event in Germany highlights the plight of Balochistan – BRP

Germany_awareness campaign_BRP_AI_2016 6

Germany, Leipzig: President of Baloch Republican Party Germany Chapter, Jawad Mohammad Baloch, in his statement said that Amnesty international in collaboration with Baloch Republican Party has organized a five day awareness campaign at Leipzig University, exposing Pakistan’s war crimes in Balochistan.

Photos of Baloch victims of Pakistan’s kill and dump operations were displayed during the five days exhibition while activists of BRP and BRSO were interviewed by the amnesty representatives regarding human rights violations in Balochistan.

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Balochistan’s tragedy

baloch massacre

THERE is the official narrative on Balochistan, the one propagated by the security establishment and the state, and then there is what appears to be the real story from the province — a grim chronology of deaths and disappearances.

Tragically, among civil society organisations and the media, there are few voices that narrate anything other than what the security establishment is peddling.

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