Balochistan #WalkForFreedom in South Korea Reaches UN in Seoul

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Seoul, April 4, 2016: Baloch long march activists, headed by Naseer Baloch, arrived at the UN offices in Seoul, South Korea today.  In nine days they covered a distance of 463km, from Busan city, the southeastern tip of the Korean peninsula to Seoul, the capital and largest metropolis of South Korea.

The five-member team of Baloch activists started the long march under the banner, “Walk for Freedom” on March 27, 2016 with a protest rally in Busan city. It is worth mentioning here that ‘March 27’ is remembered in Baloch annals as a ‘black day’ when in 1948, the sovereign state of Balochistan was illegally occupied by Pakistan through a military invasion.

The Baloch activists’ team for the #WalkForFreedom included Naseer Baloch (leader), Mir Yassen Naseer Baloch, Hafsa Baloch, Mir Chakar Baloch, and 10-year-old Mehak Baloch.

The march, ‘Walk-for-Freedom’ officially ended after the participants joined another group of Baloch protesters in front of the United Nations and the Amnesty International offices in Seoul.

Talking to the media, Mr. Nasser Baloch said, “We have been assured by the representative of Amnesty International, Seoul office that our memorandum [on Balochistan] presented to them will be sent to their international secretariat [Amnesty International Head Office in London] including a report about our long march.” He further added, “Our spirits are high, and we have been well received by the local media and the people of Korea throughout our long, tiring journey.”

The major cities of South Korea that ‘Walk-for-Freedom’ passed through are Busan (Population: 3.417 million), Miryang (Population: 108,621), Daegu (Population: 2.467 million), Gimcheon (Population: 147,855), Yeongdong (Population: 57,424), Cheonan (Population: 417,835), Pyeongtaek (Population: 427,460), Anyang (Population: 614,687) and Seoul (Population: 25,620,000).

Mir Yassen Naseer Baloch talking about the long march said, “Nothing is impossible in this world, once you are determined to achieve it. With courage and determination one can overcome hardest obstacles and fulfill tasks that seemingly appear bigger than their strength.”

He said that Baloch people need to highlight their aims and objectives of the national movement and communicate the message to the world effectively to gain results. He emphasized that Baloch national awareness is a force that can overcome petty weaknesses and strengthen the movement for independence.

With regard to his activism in the future, he mentioned that on April 5th and 6th their group will organize rallies in front of the US and Indian embassies in Seoul respectively.

The long march participants also thanked the Baloch leaders, activists, print and electronic media for their support and highlighting the aims and objectives of the #WalkForFreedom.

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