#WalkForFreedom – The world should raise its voice against the genocide of Baloch nation: Mir Yassen Naseer Baloch

WalkForFreedom - Day 4

Yeongdong, South Korea (31 March 2016): Today is the fifth day of Baloch activists’ long march in South Korea. On the third day (29 March 2016) they walked 68Km from 8am to 7:45 pm. They walked from Daegu to Gimcheon city.

On the fourth day (30 March, 2016) they stated their walk from Gimcheon toward Yeongdong city. The marchers distributed leaflets as they pass through different towns. Their pamphlet contains information about Pakistani state atrocities in Balochistan and human rights violations. The marchers are carrying placards and flags of Balochistan and they chanted slogans to attract people’s attention and condemn Baloch Genocide by Pakistan.

Walk for freedom - handbill

Covering a distance of 60Km on their fourth day, they have reached Yeongdong city. Talking with local journalist on arriving in the city Mir Yassen Naseer Baloch explained to them the aim and object of their enduring march to UN office at Seoul. He said, we want to spread awareness about the genocide of Baloch nation. On daily basis he said Pakistan is bombarding our villages, burning houses to ashes, killing and dumping bodies of Baloch activists in Balochistan. He further told them as we speak Pakistani state sponsor death squad have killed Hafeez Baloch in a village called Basima. The world should raise its voice against the genocide of Baloch nation, he said.

The five team participant of Walk for Freedom will continue their journey with high spirits towards Seoul.

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