“Seven Long Years Have Passed and No Hope of Recovery of My Brother” – Sister of Kabeer Baloch

Missing Baloch Kabeer Mushtaq Attaulla

BALOCHISTAN: Victim of enforced disappearance, Kabeer Baloch’s sister in a statement issued to the media said, “It will be seven long years on March 27, 2016 to the enforced disappearance of my brother; Kabeer Baloch, and his friends, Mushtaq Baloch and Attaullah Baloch without any information about their whereabouts or confirmation whether they were alive.” Such are the existing conditions of the tragically forgotten Baloch people disappeared by the Pakistani security forces in Balochistan.

At present, there are more than 24 thousand Baloch missing persons including women and children. The range of the ages of the enforced disappeared by the Pakistani forces varies from 80-year-old to 9-year-old grade five students. The openly confessed failure of the government authorities regarding the recovery of the enforced disappeared civilians in Balochistan has created a human tragedy much ignored by the United Nations and the human rights groups who are criminally silent on the issue.

Mother of Waheed (killed) and Kabeer (abducted) holding pictures of her sons victims of Pakistani state atrocity in Balochistan.

Mother of Waheed (killed) and Kabeer (abducted) holding pictures of her sons victims of Pakistani state atrocity in Balochistan.

These institutions have taken urgent notice of issues less serious in nature but when it came to Baloch victims of enforce disappearance by the Pakistani state forces, these champions of justice and rights had turned a deaf ear to the plights of the suffering families.

Sister of Kaber Baloch further said, “Including the UN, international human rights organizations and the world powers act according to the interests of the existing states and their interests. The western democracies speak of the rights of individuals but their foreign policies belie their intentions and expose them as narrow interest-based states.”

The United States and her western allies on one hand are fighting a global “War on Terror” and on the other hand providing F16 fighter jets to Pakistan, which is a state that breeds Islamist Jihadists. The US, without seeking any assurances from the Pakistani government and its military brass have decided to continue their military aid with a history of being used against Baloch people causing humanitarian atrocities.

Today, Baloch homes and villages are being bombarded by the Pakistan Air Force helicopter gunships and fighter jets provided by the US and China – all in the name of developing Balochistan through the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and forcefully dislocating thousands of indigenous Baloch populace into destitute.

She appealed to the conscience of the world bodies and western democracies to speak up in solidarity with the families of Baloch victims of enforced disappearance – tortured, executed in official custody, and dumped on the streets of Balochistan.  She concluded, “By raising their (US, UN, EU) voice for the justified recovery of thousands of missing Baloch activists such as Kabeer Baloch, Attaullah Baloch and Mushtaq Baloch; the West will be doing a great service to peace and stability in the region.”

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