Baloch Genocide: Confessions of a Collaborator

Jan Muhammad the collaborator

After the local and international human rights bodies’ widespread condemnation of Pakistani security establishment’s notorious war strategy of “Kill and Dump Policy” regarding the detained Baloch activists and common people to crush the Baloch freedom movement, it is now replaced with the policy of “Extra-Judicial Killings” through staged encounters and showing them as militants via its controlled media as there is a complete media blackout in Balochistan where no independent investigator or journalist is allowed to visit.

Within a short span of time Balochistan has witnessed hundreds of cases of extra-judicial killings of previously abducted Baloch. A collaborator working for Pakistani security agencies who accompanied them during numerous military offensives narrates the horrific details.

My name is Jan Muhammad. I belong to Bizanjo tribe and resident of Karki (Mashkay). In the Gwarjak incident (where three grooms were martyred) I, Latif, Nadir and Sapuk- Sapuk was already there, participated. Sapuk and I pointed out their rooms. Then they dragged the men out. Waja’s (Akhtar Nadim) younger brother was there. They said he is a minor. He (Sapuk) said no, take him in first. Then they threw them in the vehicle and left. They didn’t open fire and headed directly towards Parwaar where they stopped by for a moment. Then moved towards Gok Band, and stopped their vehicles and opened aerial firing. Then they got the prisoners out. All were facing west. They killed a dark skinned man. Then, they threw his body and other prisoners back in the vehicle and moved towards their office.

After that incident of Kapor occurred, Frontier Corps personnel reached there after Maghrib prayers that day. On the second day before the prayers, the army took us along. We directly went to Kapor, the hometown of martyr Taj Muhammad. They dragged him out. Barfi (who was killed during an attack on army convoy) was with them wearing paint and shirt. Army personnel took Taj Muhammad to a pit where he scuffled with Barfi accusing him bringing the army there. Then Barfi shot and killed Taj Muhammad.

Then they arrested Mohammad Omar. After that they went near Janroo’s houses and firing started. Few people were arrested. They were shifted to Sai-Pal’s huts. Again firing started from Janroo’s side. Army shot at people indiscriminately. So many soldiers died there. Then we retaliated in vain but saved ourselves. There was heavy gunfire and many troopers died.

They took the dead and the wounded and dressed the wounded with bandages. They took the dead and went downhill, wounded were taken to FC camp and unharmed detainees were taken to Army Camp at College. Other than the wounded 23 personnel were killed.

There they said, “What the hell has happened? Are these men or angels? When we hear gunfire and one of us falls and we don’t see them. What a pity. These are angels not men.” Then they went to Gajjar.

After that (Nokjo) Buzi’s operation started. From there we went to Nokjo Camp. We rode the bicycles and headed uphill. Ashraf’s brother was arrested, blind folded and mounted on a bike. Firing started again when we reached the mountain’s bottom. They threw themselves, left their bikes and started fleeing. The man (Ashraf’s brother) was left there.

There was a hamlet at the hilltop. Heavy gunfire was coming down so the troops didn’t go there. They didn’t have the advantage as the Baloch were shooting at them heavily from that hamlet. Few personnel were killed there. No conveyance came to collect them. Then we went to the camp and boarded the vehicles. They brought us to Gajjar.

After few days, they took us to the garrison, and then we went to Nokjo camp. Then they raided Karam Khan’s house. His son (Amir Baksh) was not there. He was irrigating the field. We went there. A masked man pointed out a person and said: take him in.

An FC official vouched: “This man is innocent and has been providing us water for last three years.” But the masked man insisted: “this is the man.” They arrested the innocent Muhammad Jumma. Then we moved towards Gajjar and after reaching there I don’t know what happened later on.

They spent the night there. Early in the morning they took the detainees (Amir Bakhsh and Mohammad Jumma) with them and carried out raids. Then, they killed the detainees in Kandari. After that they shifted their bodies to the office and then to their homes.

There was a heavy-set Punjabi intelligence officer who told us that any Baloch who is willing to surrender must go to Ali Hiadar (tribal chief). Once he reaches there, everything will be fine meaning he has surrendered. Either Ali Hiadar or Haji Akram. Once he reaches out to either of them everything will be fine. They shouldn’t come to us, we wouldn’t accept them. When he reaches there, they will call us, we will consider them surrendered, freed. He was repeating the same thing.

God knows better. I am here. I have made a mistake being involved in such activities. I beg for the mercy of Baloch brothers as I am a guilty. I don’t deserve forgiveness. I am at their mercy whether they would forgive me or not is up to them.

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