Publisher apologises for generating controversy on Baloch people

Abdul Hameed Taga Sociology of Pakistan’The Punjab government  has ordered an inquiry into the publication of offensive content in a sociology textbook, even after the publisher tendered a public apology on Sunday.

The book in question, ‘Sociology of Pakistan’, written by Abdul Hameed Taga and Abdul Aziz Taga, generated quite a controversy after excerpts from a chapter on the Baloch people were circulated on social media.


Contant of Sociology of PakistanThe book referred to the proud Baloch nation in derogatory terms, calling them “uncivilised people” who “lived in the desert and looted caravans”.

According to a statement released on Sunday, Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif constituted a two-member committee to investigate the publication of offensive content and asked how the error went unnoticed until now. He has also directed the committee to ascertain who was responsible for this negligence.

The committee will also review existing mechanisms to check the quality of content being published by private authors and publishers.

Ad apology by Abdul Hameed Taga and Sons

In a newspaper ad, which appeared in an Urdu language daily on Sunday, the publishing house claimed that the source of the ‘offensive’ description of the Baloch was a Persian-language dictionary. Abdul Hameed Taga and Sons maintained that as soon as the material was brought to their notice, they recalled the book from the market and issued a fresh edition after editing out the offending section.

“We respect the Baloch from the depths of our hearts and have friendly ties with them. This is a brave and proud nation that played a major role in the creation of Pakistan,” the apology stated.

The ad also claims that the textbook is taught in Intermediate Part-II under both the federal and Punjab boards of intermediate and secondary education (BISE).

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