Why Baloch in Toronto burned a Pakistani Flag

Zaffar Baloch - Karima Baloch with Tahir Gora TAG TV

Canadian Baloch react to assassination of Dr. Mannan Baloch in Bilatakalluf with Tahir Gora TAG TV.

Dr. Mannan Baloch, Secretary General, Baloch National Movement (BNM), his three colleagues Ashraf Sasoli, Mohammed Haneef Sasoli, Babu Nooroze and a nephew Sajid Baloch were murdered in execution style by Pakistan Army’s Special Forces in the early hours of Saturday, January 30th in the restive Balochistan region where the army is currently engaged in a bloody campaign of genocide and ethnic cleansing of the indigenous population.

Taking with Tahir Gora on the issue are Dr. Zafar Baloch, Convener of BNM North America and Karima Baloch, Chairperson Baloch Student Organization – Azad (BSO-A)

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