Balochistan: Dr. Mannan with his four comrade killed in Pakistan army operation

File Photo : Dr. Mannan BalochJan 30: According to detail today early Saturday (Jan 30, 2016) morning, Pakistani forces conducted an operation in Mastung district’s Kalidato area, Balochistan.

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Local sources reported that Pakistani forces from 5:00 Am local time till 6:15 Am continually bombed the locality with mortar shells in which General Sectary of BNM Dr. Mannan Baloch, Sajid Baloch (son of Dr. Mannan Baloch), Ashraf Sasoli, Mohammed Haneef Sasoli and Babu Nooroze were martyred.

Dr. Mannan Baloch was on an organizational tour of Mastung. The forces took his mobile and laptop with them.

Dr. Mannan Baloch last tweet:

Dr Mannan Baloch and Sajid Baloch will be buried in KadKocha near grave of Shaheed Sangat Sana Baloch.

Shaheed Sangat Sana Baloch killed by Pakistan intelligence agency ISI in February 13, 2012. His mutilated dead body was found from Murghaap area of Kech district. He was abducted by Pakistani intelligence agency on December 7 2009 from Kolpure area of Bolan District, some 50 kilometres from Quetta

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