Germany: BRP held Memorial References for Shaheed Naseer Kamalan & Shaheed Ahmed Dad Baloch

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Germany: Baloch Republican Party Germany Chapter President Jawad Muhammad said in a statement that Memorial References were held in Different Cities of Germany on 5th Martyrdom Anniversary of BRP Central Committee member Martyr Ahmed Dad Baloch and BNM Central Committee member Martyr Naseer Kamalan Baloch.

To honor the martyrdom of Baloch activists Prayers were also held in the memories of the martyrs in Candlelight. He added that both were well known activists who campaigned against the Occupational State’s plunder of Baloch resources through Gwadar.

Former BRP Gwadar Zone president Martyr Ahmed Dad Baloch was dragged from a passenger coach by Military Intelligence agents on October 3rd 2010.

Similarly a senior leader of BNM and well known Balochi language poet; was abducted by FC personnel on November 5th of 2010 while travelling from Pasni to Gwadar.

The tortured remains of Shaheed Naseer Kamalan and Shaheed Ahmed Dad Baloch were recovered on January 17th 2011 dumped along the side of the Makran coastal highway.

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