Stop deportation of Baloch migrants from Croatia

Prihvatni centar u Slavonskom

Prihvatni centar u Slavonskom

SWEDEN: 9 Baloch asylum seekers in Croatia are facing immediate deportation

1. Dost Mohammed s/o Kareem Baksh
2. Ismail s/o Gul Sher
3. Kamal Khan s/o Dost Mohammed
4. Javed s/o Jan Mohammed
5. Ayiaz Ali s/o Qadir Baksh
6. Anwer s/o Charki
7. Aaftab s/o Mohammed Younis
8. Nabi Baksh s/o Lal Mohmad
9. Saqueb Hussain s/o Abid Hussein

The Sweden chapter of International Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (IVBMP-Sweden) has learnt that the Croatian have police arrested 9 Baloch immigrants on the Croatian border. They are currently being held at PRIHVATNI CENTER detention in SLAVAKA KLRA 82 in Zagreb.

Mr Samandar Askani, IVBMP co-ordinator in Sweden, said these people are political activists from occupied Balochistan and they escaped the state sponsored persecution both in Pakistan and Iran.

The IVBMP is very concern about the fates of these asylum seekers as deporting them back to either Iran or Pakistan puts their lives in extreme danger of being arrested, tortured and killed.

Pakistan and Iran are already detaining thousands of innocent Baloch activists incommunicado where they are subject to inhuman torture and subsequent extra judicial murder.

IVBMP appeals the Croatian government not to deport these Baloch political activists back to Iran and Pakistan as lives will be in imminent danger.

IVBMP also appeals to the UNCHR, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch to play their role for the safety and well-being of Baloch asylum seekers.

Courtesy: Bygwaah

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