BSO-Azad gets recognition in Canada


BALOCHISTAN:  The Central Spokesperson of Baloch Student Organization- Azad (BSO-A) revealed in a statement that BSO-A had been registered as an organization under Federal Law governing Non-profit organizations in Canada.

He further stated that the registration was the fruit of hard work put together under the direct supervision of Banuk Karima Baloch and Latif Johar helped by several supporters of the organization. He asserted that the registration demonstrated the Canadian government recognition of the importance of BSO-A to carry out its activities freely and peacefully on its soil to highlight the Baloch Cause across the world. It also defied the Pakistani government efforts to eradicate BSO by banning it to carry out peaceful and democratic activities in the support of a free and independent Balochistan.

The newly registered BSO-A would struggle to highlight human rights violations by Pakistani security forces in occupied Balochistan. The BSO-A would also legally file the cases of Baloch victims of enforced disappearances in Canadian and other western legal courts to work for their safe recovery as soon as possible, including the previous Chairman Zahid Baloch and Ex-Senior  Vice Chairman Zakir Majeed cases who are still kept in dark dungeons by Pakistani state agencies. It would also work to highlight the war crimes being conducted by Pakistani state in occupied Balochitan, including abduction of Baloch women, razing schools, closures of girls education by Pakistani state backed Islamists organizations which bombed girl’s schools and crimes which falls under the principles of act of genocide formulated under Geneva Conventions. BSO had always been unequivocal to condemn such notorious crimes by Pakistani state, and had put all its efforts to bring them to face legal actions for the crimes they had committed in the name of state security.

The Central Spokesperson reminded the international media that Pakistan had banned BSO-A in March 2013 to curtail its growing peaceful and democratic activities to highlight the war crimes Pakistani state carrying out in occupied Balochistan. The ban had resulted in providing the Pakistani state a pretext to hunt down any dissent directed against its policies and its actions aimed at eradicating Baloch from its ancestral land. This had resulted in whisking away hundreds of BSO-A members by Pakistani state agencies, who were still missing.

Speaking to Baloch students in North America and across the world, the spokesperson told that BSO-Azad was now a registered organization and Baloch students should formally join as members to highlight the on-going human rights violations in Balochistan in their respective countries. The spokesperson also assured that BSO would soon get itself registered in all western countries to carry out its peaceful and democratic activities in support of a free and democratic Balochistan where rules of law would only be governing, and which would be free of all sort of rights violations through education, equal opportunities, and prosperity and development.

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