Past in Perspective

dr allah-niza

If the exploiter wants to repress our struggle for freedom by use of might, we wholeheartedly welcome it. In that this policy will definitely work as an impetus in terms of shaking off the slumber of slavery of my dear countrymen.

I want to convey this to the ruling class, the Punjabi oppressors and their yes-men that you might have the right to kill me to death. But I too have an authority in my hands which I can use as per my will. My companions and I will choose the opportune time for that. That’s the right to death! Nobody can snatch this right from me.
–Allah NazarBaloch (2009)

Allah NazarBaloch was the Chairman of the Baloch Students Organization and is the chief of the Baluch Liberation Front, both of which are Baloch nationalist groups the Pakistani government has designated as terrorist organizations. His views may be radical; however what he says does highlight the blatant exploitation that Balochitan experiences- without any remorse or recognition by the government.

Since 1952, the centre in Islamabad has been extracting large quantities of gas and coal from Balochistan but has been denying the people of the area their rights and benefits accruing from this activity. The region has been exploited in terms of its strategic land, marine resources, uranium and countless minerals but the Baloch people have remained illiterate and destitute.

Why haven’t Pakistan’s ‘blood and conflict’ resources never attracted international attention? We remain unmindful to the suffering of our own people, where in fact we have made sure they remain silent.

Courtesy: The Nation

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