Pakistan Army’s Organ Trade Inc.

Master Abdul Rehman and Zahid Pazeer Baloch

The selling of organs of prisoners is a debauched extension of the highly condemnable ongoing kill and dump policy in Baluchistan.

The Pakistan army, with the covert support of ISI is indulging in kidnapping Baluch students and political activists in broad day light from their houses in front of their family members, terrorizing women and children, then taking the young men, even teenagers, to unknown locations, where they are tortured to death and then their liver, heart and kidneys are taken out to sell them to the Organ Gang Mafia, so that they can to sell them at exorbitant prices in the illegal human trafficking market.

Iftikhar_Maqbool_BalochWhen Baluch people are picked up they are normal fit men, but when their dead bodies are discovered, they are without vital organs. The inhumane policy even is more barbaric than those inflicted by the Nazis on the Jews in war-time Germany. The barbaric policy is simple in its modus operandi – kidnap Baluch people, terrorizes them and then take them to unknown military torture cells, torture them to death and then open their chest to take their organ out and let them die on the table and then dump their bodies on desolate places.

For instance, in March 2013, four bodies of Baluch missing persons, Babu Iftikhar, Maqbool Baluch, Master Abdul Rehman and Zahid Pazir Baluch, kidnapped by Pakistan security forces along with six others, from their houses in front of their family members on broad day light, were dumped with their chest been opened and their organs, liver, heart and kidneys were taken out.

This is a conspicuous example of the abuses the Pakistani security forces are unleashing on the people of Baluchistan. There is a mushrooming economy in illegal organ trafficking in which the ISI, the army, middlemen, and a team of doctors are involved in a sinister clandestine collusion. Abductions by unknown persons, disappearances and extrajudicial killings continue unabated in the war-torn zone of Baluchistan province.

Their internal organs, hearts, livers and kidneys are surgically removed (harvested) for sale. In fact in some of the cases, the doctor and the middleman are the very same persons. In fact, they are not only involved in illegal organ trafficking in Baluchistan but in other regions too.

A glaring example, when reports surfaced after the 2013 Peshawar bomb blasts, paramedics, seem to have taken advantage of the high number of deaths and injuries in order to steal the bodies of victims and exploit them for the illegal organ trade.

Further, according to estimates by the Pakistani police itself, 42 medical facilities engaged in illegal organ transplants were identified in Punjab. The organs fetch a lucrative price. While the price for a liver is 10,000 US$, kidneys can fetch up to 25,000 to 30000 US$. Eyes are also in great demand too with prices up to 40,000 to 50,000 US$.

The payment in this organ trafficking is done in cash only. As regards the distribution of the income from this barbaric trading practice, the IS1 and the Pakistan Army receive the lions share with 80% of the proceeds, 5% of the share is reserved for the delivery boys, while 15% of the proceeds are earmarked for the seller’s.

Technology plays an important role in the organ trade. Organized criminal networks use internet to advertize and get in touch with potential recipients. The recipients of these organs comprise mainly wealthy foreigners from the Gulf countries, as well as those from Britain, USA, and Canada.

The Baluch have repeatedly called upon the International Community and the Human Rights Organizations calling for an observation delegation to visit and investigate these crimes against humanity. The non-responsiveness and blind eye policy towards Pakistan by the International Community has given a green signal to the Pakistani authorities to continue their “Kill and Dump” campaign towards the Baluch.

Courtesy: New Delhi Times


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