Baloch activists intensify campaign against Pakistan Army to #SaveBalochWoman

Baloch tears

Social media activists on Tuesday posted photos, videos and messages as they intensified their campaign demanding the return of over 27 Baloch women and children who were allegedly abducted by the Pakistan Army in an operation in early November.

The activists and leaders, most of them from Balochistan province which is seeking independence from Pakistan, claimed that the latest round of attacks were launched by the country’s army in Bolan district and even after 24 days, the abducted women and children have not returned.

The #SaveBalochWomen hashtag was among the top trending topics on twitter.

“#SaveBalochWomen. It has been 24 days the #Balochwomen who were abducted by pakistani army .the still missing,” posted Noori Baloch along with a poster with the details of the alleged atrocities committed by the Pakistan army.

Fellow activist Haiwtan Baloch appealed to the UN to intervene. “We appeal to the UN to please save Baloch women who are in the custody of Pakistan Army,” he tweeted.

Many others posted the pictures of destruction caused by the Pakistan army attack and vowed to continue their agitation. “The Pakistani army has burned several houses in Kohad, Tump area of Turba,” tweeted Jan Baloch along with a picture of a house reportedly burnt down by the Pakistan army.

Leader of Baloch Republican Party, Rahim Khan Bugti tweeted: “BRP will hold a Twitter campaign against the abductions of Baloch women by Pakistan security forces.”

The Baloch Students Organisation Azad had on November 27 organised a unique online campaign that brought together social media activists from around the world to pledge support to the Baloch people.

Courtesy: The Statesman

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