Army announces head money for information about Dr Allah Nazar

Dr Allah Nazar with BLF sarmachars

File Photo of Dr. Allah Nazar with BLF sarmachars

BALOCHISTAN: The Pakistan army has announced head money on several Baloch pro-independence leaders, including Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch, the chief of the Balochistan Liberation Front, in return for information about their whereabouts.

Posters have been posted on walls in Dr. Nazar’s native town of Mashkay in Balochistan by the army with the photos of around a dozen “wanted” Baloch pro-independence leaders.

Ironically, the army and the Pakistan government had claimed killing Dr. Nazar in a prolonged military operation in the aftermath of the last Eid-ul-Fitr.

Since then, no one has heard from the rebel leader who is considered as the leading force behind the Baloch resistance for liberation. However, his close aides have claimed he is safe and alive.

The army’s decision to put a bounty on him confirms the aides’ claims.

The head money for Dr. Nazar is one million Pakistani rupees. For others, the amount starts from 300,000 rupees.

Akhtar Nadeem of the BLF and Dr. Mannan Baloch of the Baloch National Movement are other prominent pro-independence leaders with bounties on their head.

Others include Master Ali, Master Rafiq, Wazeer, Malang, Sana, Swali, Mandost and Khairo.

Courtesy: Balochistan Times 

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