Balochistan: Bodies of four previously missing Baloch thrown form a helicopter in Mashky

Adeel Iqbal-Abdul Qayum-Abdul Mohim-Fida Baloch

BALOCHISTAN: The mutilated bodies of six people were found in Mashky and Hub town of Balochistan on Thursday (19 Nov 2015), four among them have been identified whereas identity of two could not be immediately ascertained.

According to Balochistan local media reports Pakistan security forces have thrown bodies of four previously abducted Baloch from a helicopter in Gujar area of Mashky on Thursday.

Adeel Iqbal-Abdul Qayum-Abdul Mohim-Fida Baloch bw

The victims have been identified as Fida Baloch resident of Gujar Mashky who was reportedly abducted from his university hotel in Khuzdar on March, 23, 2014, Adeel Iqbal Baloch resident of Faizabad Khuzdar, Abdul Qayum Baloch resident of Goharabad Quetta and Abdul Mohim resident of Nasirabad Kech Balochistan.

All the victims were register as previously enforced-disappeared persons and their families had been searching for their whereabouts. Fida Baloch was a student of Engineering at Balochistan University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) in Khuzdar.

Meanwhile bodies of two other people were found in Sakuran area of Hub town in Balochistan. The identity of the victims could not be ascertained immediately.

In another incident the Pakistan forces attacked Mirabad Gadgi area of Balgtar Balochistan and abducted six Baloch men.

The abducted men have been named as Safar Murad, Ijaz Adam, Sarwar Hussain, Naeem Naseer, Dr Bahram Dadullah and Shah Mir Baloch.

Courtesy: Balochwarna

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