Balochistan: Pakistani forces attack Goburd vilalge, many house burned and three people abducted

Burned houses Baalicha Balochistan1

Pakistan army burned houses in Baalicha, Balochistan

BALOCHISTAN: Pakistan forces attacked at least four houses in Goburd area of Mand Balochistan in a pre-dawn offensive on Monday (16 Nov 2015).

The Balochwarna News Balochistan correspondent reported Pakistan army have conducted a pre-dawn raid in Gobrud area of Mand and burned the houses of Rashid, Nadil, Safeer and Murad Mohammad.

The Pakistani state forces also abducted three people of the Haji Sayad family.

The victims have been named as Sabir Gulam Mohamd and Noor Khan Dashti both peasants and a shepherd Shoukat Dur Mohamed.

“The two farmers had just returned from their farms when the Pakistani forces broke into their houses and abducted them,” said the local eye-witnesses.

The family members of both men said that personnel of Pakistani Paramilitary forces subjected the duo to severe torture and questioned them about the whereabouts of Rashid and his son Nadil Baloch.

Later forces attacked the houses of Rashid and Nadil and set them alight before looting cash and valuables.

In another raid in the same village, the forces also ransacked the place of Shoukat Dur Mohammed and forced him to guide them to Murad Baloch’s house which was located nearby.

Shoukat’s family members said that Pakistani forces barged into the house of Murad Baloch and looted the house of valuables including a new fridge.

Luckily, Mr Murad was not at home at the time of raid.

The occupying state forces took Shaukat Baloch with them to an undisclosed location, his whereabouts remained unknown until filing of this report.

The residents of the area believe that Babu son of Yaqoub Chillok, a petty criminal now a member of Pakistani military death squad, has been guiding and accompanying the Pakistan forces during the raids and burning of the houses of  Rashid, Nadil, Murad and Safeer Baloch.

It is noteworthy to mention that in order to contain Baloch freedom struggle, the occupying Pakistani army has unleashed a wave of ‘Collective Punishment’ operations at length and breadth of Balochistan from Kohlu to Mand.

Baloch human rights activists argue that such extra judicial and unprovoked attacks are tantamount to war crimes and in violation of international laws and human rights conventions.

Moreover, few days ago Pakistani forces had conducted military offensive in Baalicha region of Balochistan and arrested several innocent Baloch. Some 18 victims of Baalicha military offensive have been now been identified as Adil Iqbal his father Mohammad Iqbal, Khorsheed, Peer Jan, Ameen Aqil, Mohammad Hassan, Darwesh, Mahmood Ghulam, Aziz Rahim Bakhsh, Saed Mohammad, Deen Mohammad, Dad Shah, Peer Dad, Gull Sher, Sher Khan, Abdul Hakeem, Naik Bakht and Shabir Ahmad Haibtan.

Courtesy: Balochwarna

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