Makran: Military operation in Dasht, many house burned, lots of Baloch abducted

Dasht operation 1BALOCHISTAN, 10 Nov 2015: Pakistani security forces have conducted a massive military operation in Dasht. During house to house search many houses were burned, lots of Baloch forced disappeared. Unconfirmed skirmish have been reported between Pakistani forces and armed Baloch from different areas.

According to detail, today early morning Pakistani army with help of other forces started a massive military operation in different areas of Tehsil Dasht, of District Kech, Balochistan.

Local source have reported that last night simultaneously, Pakistan army moved its troops from both Turbat and Gwadar barracks in huge columns towards Dasht. At 3am local time army cordon off many areas of Dasht including Bal-Negor, Peer-rotag, Shay Seechi, Sorek, Guwah-rag, Drach-koh, Ho-Chat, Mach-Chat, Jangal and Kapkapar.

After cordoning off these areas, door to door search was conducted in the villages. The residence including woman and children were manhandled during the search operation by the army. Eyewitness also reported that cash, jewelry and other precious items were looted by the army when conducting house to house search. Many houses were burned down after the search operation by the army.

Many youth of the area were later arrested by Pakistani forces and shifted to unknown location. Unconfirmed skirmishes were reported from Bal-Negor, Seechi and Sorek.

Till filling of this report two arrestees were identified as Nawaz s/o Adam and Zubair Ahmed.


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