Chinese investment will go in vain, Baloch land is not for sale: BSO-Azad

BSO-AsadBALOCHISTAN: The Baloch Students Organization (Azad) held their sixth cabinet meeting.  The acting Chairperson of BSO-Azad Banuk Karima Baloch presided the meeting.  Different agendas, including Organizational matters, current political situation and future strategies were discussed. The meeting commenced after 2 minutes of silence in honor of the Baloch martyrs.

In her opening remarks Chairperson Banuk Karima Baloch said BSO’s popularity and the support of the general public has frustrated Pakistani occupiers. Indiscriminate state policy against Baloch political parties reveals the fact that security forces are more afraid of mass mobilization than anything else.

Banuk Karima Baloch said that the occupier state has been using different tactics to counter the Baloch Liberation movement. It has been attempting to suppress the reality in Balochistan by distorting the facts and spreading confusion in the minds of the Baloch people and has endeavored to terminate the people’s confidence in the national liberation parties.

In the past we have participated in parliamentary politics to gain greater autonomy and to bring about socio-economic reforms but our attempts of using parliamentary way proved to be an absolute failure.  She said Baloch are certainly not immune to the occupier state’s propaganda, and the state has created an extensive propaganda network to deceive the people and sustain an ineffective parliamentarian system. Meanwhile, the people of Balochistan, including political activists have been disappointed by the occupier state’s artificial government.

Despite media blackout we have been successful in educating Baloch masses. Because of the universal availability of social media to everyone in the society and the hard work of Baloch political activists, now things are changed. To protect their political & financial interests in Balochistan, the occupier state has imposed a total ban on all electronic and print media.  In the absence of independent media, we are struggling to build credibility and maintain consistency.

Banuk Karima Baloch said we must keep in mind that young leaders who rely on others for help cannot reach their desired goals.  The occupier state attempts to sell deceptions and weaken the national freedom movement.  Therefore to truly fulfill the last wishes of those who embraced martyrdom, our youth must focus on building strong institutions that are advantageous to an independent Balochistan.

In regards to the current political situation of Balochistan; Banuk Karima Baloch said that the rulers are determined to maintain their grip on Balochistan for the purpose of plundering and exploiting our resources.  Pakistani masters are doing the same what British colonizers did to us in the past.

Moreover, China has also jumped in to exploit Balochistan’s strategically important location by investing billions of dollars. Pakistan is creating a nexus of evil for the survival of its mini colonial state.she said Chinese investment will go in vain. Baloch land is not for sale.

After occupying the Baloch nation, the state has continuously worked to alienate the Baloch youth by depriving them of education on political and national consciousness.  For many generations, Baloch have been pushed into the darkness to fulfill an occupier’s political and financial agendas.  Balochistan’s schools and educational institutions have been closed and replaced with military camps.  Where are the so-called colleges & universities?  Where there should be educational institutions, only military barracks and army camps can be seen.

Given these current circumstances, the state political parties in Balochistan have an obligation to resign from their positions with the occupier state’s parliamentarian system and make way for the legitimate Baloch freedom parties to determine Balochistan’s future

The acting chairperson of BSO-Azad, Banuk Karima Baloch said that due to the sacrifices of the martyrs in the Baloch freedom movement, and the constant struggles of Baloch political workers; public awareness of the Baloch freedom movement is maturing and gaining significant momentum.  With every sacrifice made, the possibility of reaching our great goal of an Independent Baloch nation is multiplied exponentially.

The meeting concluded with a discussion regarding future activities under the organizational framework, and a number of urgent decisions were made

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