Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema joined the congressional Sindh Caucus

Congresswoman Sinema and Sufi Laghari

Washington, DC: Another representative of the House of Congress Hon. Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema who is Democrat from Arizona, has joined the Congressional Sindh Caucus.

Sufi Laghari, Executive Director of Sindhi Foundation met with the Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema at her office at the Capitol Hill, Washington DC.

Mr. Lahgari has said that during his meeting with the Congresswoman Sinema he apprised her of Human Rights Situation in Sindh, including forced conversion of Sindhi Hindus, enforced disappearances of Sindhi nationalist activists, killing and dumping of their bodies including the case of Raja Dahir Bhanbhro. Sufi Laghari also presented to the Congresswoman Krysten Sinema the report on the rise of religious extremism in Sindh that was recently released by the Sindhi Foundation.

“The response of the congresswoman on human rights abuses in Sindh was very positive and sympathetic and she assured Sufi Laghari of her help to raise such issues in the US congress”.

Dr. Maqbool Halepota, President of Sindhi Foundation termed the meeting with Congresswoman Sinema as fruitful. Dr. Halepota said that Congresswoman Sinema’s joining of the Sindh Congressional Caucus will have far reaching effects for the Sindhis and our efforts under the banner of Sindhi Foundation.

Sufi Laghari on behalf of Sindhi Foundation and Sindhi Diaspora in the United States assured Congresswoman Sinema of their support to her struggle for the betterment of human rights and the communities she serves including the LGBT community.

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