Three Baloch girls kidnapped from Karachi are being held by a local Wedra in Sindh #BringBackBalochGirl​s

Save Baloch Girls

KARACHI: Baloch Human Right Organization (BHRO) have called for all the Baloch activist to joint then online to campaign for the save recovery of three abducted Baloch girls.

The news about the kidnapping of three young girls from Azizabad, Karachi has been published on 9 October 2015, in Daily Azadi Quetta an Urdu daily newspapers.

news cutting abdcuted baloch girls

Vsh News a Balochi TV channel have also interview the mother of one abducted girls.


BRHO has called to join them today on 14 October 2015, from 4 Pm to 8 Pm, local time Karachi with the Hashtag: #BringBackBalochGirls for the save recovery of the Baloch girls.

Join us with hashtag #BringBackBalochGirls

Baloch Warna have published a complete news report about the Kidnapped Baloch girls which is being republished below:

Three Baloch girls kidnapped from Karachi few days ago have been shifted to Shikarpur area of Sindh on Friday. The victims reportedly belong to Mashkay area of Awaran, Balochistan.

According to a news report by Daily Azadi Quetta, an Urdu daily newspapers, the Baloch girls were abducted from Bangoria Town area of Azizabad in Karachi.

“The girls belong to poor families who have migrated to Karachi from Mashkay area of Awaran Balochistan for work purpose,” Daily Azadi reported.

The victims have been named as 14 years old Surat Bibi D/O Fazal, 10 years old Nagina Bibi D/O Ismael and 7 years old Sabina Bibi D/O Jan Mohammad. They were reportedly abducted by a Sindhi speaking man from Karachi and shifted at a local Wadera’s place in Khanpur region of Shikarpur area of Sindh.

The mother of Surat Bibi told Vsh News, a Balochi TV channel, that her daughter, her niece and another girl were kidnapped by two men namely Saleem and Saddam. She said she knows Saddam who lived nearby.

Saddam has reportedly been arrested by the local authorities who has admitted that the girls have escaped with him but the mother of Surat Bibi rejected Saddam’s statement saying that “it would have been understandable if it was one girl but how could three girls – who are only kids – flee with a man?”

The newspaper further reported that people of Azizabad strongly protested against the incident but the police have assured them to register an FIR and take steps for safe recovery of the girls.

The families of girls have also appeal the government of Sindh, Chief Minister of Balochistan and influential Baloch tribal leaders to play their role to bring the girls back to their families.

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